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Enterprise valuation refers to a comprehensive evaluation about the fair value of an enterprise in the market, based on its ownership or possession of all its assets condition and overall profitability, fully considering all the factors influencing the enterprise’s profit, the macroeconomic environment and industry background.

We developed diverse corporate value appraising services for state-ownedbusiness, enterprises, sole proprietorship, sole foreign-owned business andjoint-ventures in all sizes from both home and abroad. To be specific, majorappraisal of corporate value services are listed as follows.


Appraisalof corporate value involved in the establishment of a new firm or new group,the start of a joint-venture, the collaboration of different corporations

Appraisalof corporate value stemmed from the restructure of corporate assets and theshare of owners’ equity

Appraisalof corporate value related to the transference of owners’ equity

Appraisalof corporate value with respect to corporate merger and acquisition, leasingagreement and bankruptcy

Appraisalof corporate value related to corporate financing

Appraisalof corporate value involved in asset backed guarantee

Appraisalof corporate value in terms of legal proceedings

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