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We insist on the risk-oriented audit concept in light of the industrial characteristics of our clients, carry out necessary audit procedures in response to the material misstatement risks in financial statements, and not only can guarantee compliance to the auditing standards, but also improve the audit efficiency in an audit. Meanwhile, we make the financial reports present more valuable financial information and guarantee the audit quality by acting independently, objectively, and justly, thereby enabling the report users to trust our audit reports.

?Audit services available:

? Audit of financial statements
Internal control audits
Economic responsibility audit
Implementation of agreed procedures
Audit of asset clearance and capital verification
Final account audit of works
Business liquidation audits
Asset restructuring audits
Financial due diligence investigations
Audit of profit forecast
Attestation of forensic accounting
Other special audits


ADD:Zhongshan West Road, Shanghai Yongsheng Building 1110 Room 2025  Tel:(021)61452868 / 61452867 / 61452866 / 17317502370

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