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2020-01-31   星期五
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The management consultation service is generally done by our experts with abundant theoretical operating knowledge and practical experience through close cooperation with the relevant personnel of enterprises. They use scientific methods to investigate and diagnose enterprises, analyze the causes of the problems, bring forward solutions, and guide the implementation of schemes to achieve the objectives of solving problems, accomplishing the business objectives, and boosting the sound and stable development of enterprises.
Management consultation services offered by us:
   1. Financial advisory service
   2. Design of internal control system
   3. Planning for business M&A
   4. Business performance appraisal
   5. IPO consultation
   6. Research on project feasibility; and
   7. Operational process diagnosis and reengineering

ADD:Zhongshan West Road, Shanghai Yongsheng Building 1110 Room 2025  Tel:(021)61452868 / 61452867 / 61452866 / 17317502370

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