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The accounting services include bookkeeping, assortment of accounting affairs, design of accounting system, development of financial budgets, preparation of financial analysis, etc.
We have experienced accountants, including accountants familiar with English, who may offer services like bookkeeping to clients.
Delegated bookkeeping means that an enterprise delegates a series of its accounting job, such as accounting treatment, bookkeeping, tax declaration, etc. to a professional body like an accounting firm, while the enterprise only has cashiers to take charge of the routine monetary receipts and expenditures and property custody, etc.
Benefits of delegated bookkeeping:
1. Saving costs while enjoying the services of a professional team.
2. Using computer technology to fulfill the job effectively and reducing errors.
3. Avoiding unnecessary economic losses of enterprises due to changes in accounting personnel; meanwhile saving such expenditures on housing and social insurances of full-time accountants; and
4. Avoiding the influence on accounting quality due to the single skill of full-time accountants.

ADD:Zhongshan West Road, Shanghai Yongsheng Building 1110 Room 2025  Tel:(021)61452868 / 61452867 / 61452866 / 17317502370

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